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"What's in it for me?"  That's the question your target market has in their mind when they come to your business.  When you answer that question to their liking, they pick you to make life easier for them.   How do you do that?  

By describing the value you offer in a way that makes sense to them.  This is where I can help you with the copywriting services I offer.

                Gender Content Marketing is King

Is your ideal prospect a male or a female?  Depending on the gender to whom you market, you must speak his or her language.  In my years as a freelance copywriter, this is a common mistake business owners make in their website or marketing copy.  They speak 'male' to females and 'female' to males.

The human brain actually processes information differently in the male brain compared with the female brain.  If you know what those language barriers are and can work with gender brain differences, you effectively write marketing copy.  And you're sales are fine.

But, If you don't know how to work with those differences, it shows up in your low sales.  Low sales can be improved upon. Simply speak the language your target needs to hear.  Doing so, they clearly understand the value in your offer.

     Speak and Write in Either 'Male' or 'Female'

Women process communication differently than do men though each gender uses the same words.  The human brain is actually designed this way.  Thus the importance of writing in gender content marketing specifics.

Typically, issues that are important to women can be important to men, too, but with a different passion or interest level.  Here's an example of what I mean...

                  First The Man's Language

Suppose you sell sleep wear.  If your target market is men, typically, he wants to hear about the features of the pajamas.  He wants to know about the pajamas in brief, to-the-point, just-the-facts terms.  That's much different than the way women want to know about their sleep wear as you're about to discover.

Will he feel comfortable in them?  What do they cost? Make the price very obvious because he will look right at the price and won't see it anyway.  This is especially true if he's low in dopamine or testosterone which is common for me.  So, list the price of your sleep wear in more than one place on your website or in your catalog.

He also wants to know...

  • Have you made them in his size?  
  • Can he drink beer wearing them?  
  • If he spills beer on the pajamas, will they effectively soak up the beer?  And, can he wring them out to drink up some of the soaked up beer?  
  • If he eats pizza wearing them, can he scrape off the extra pieces of pepperoni and the sauce enough to get just one more bite?  
  • How many days can he wear them before they're so ripe he has to wash them?  

Things like that are important to a guy if you expect him to trust you enough to buy from you.  But this is very different for women...

                  Now The Woman's Language

Women are interested in different things when it comes to sleep wear.  They typically don't want to wear pajamas.  They want to wear lingerie.

Lingerie is pajamas, right?  But you are calling the pajamas by a different name...a name more appealing to women.

But, you wouldn't describe in your copy just the features of your gorgeous and silky soft lingerie. You describe how she will feel while wearing them.

She wants to feel sexy, feminine, alluring, irresistible to her partner while wearing your one-of-a-kind, original, gorgeous lingerie.  You would NEVER describe your sleep wear using female marketing copy to the beer-drinking, pizza-eating, ripe-making now would you?  

Well, not consciously.  Except that if your sales are low or non-existent, that's exactly what you ARE doing.

A woman is interested in how much beer her lingerie will soak up if she spills it while wearing it.  But it is because she wants to know if the beer will stain it! 

A woman likes to feel.  It's the way her brain is designed to process information.  So, if you work with the nature of her brain design, you and she will build rapport faster.  She will know you know how she feels.  You are talking her language.  And people only buy from you after they first trust you.  

So knowing how to do gender content marketing is crucial to your business success.

Remember, the reason you are in business is because you genuinely want to solve a problem for your target market.  If you are only in business to make money, you are in business for the wrong reason.  

        Converse With Your Target Audience

You are carrying on a conversation with your target audience.  Stay in contact with them by describing your solution to their challenge through relevant content.  As I already said, relevant content is king in marketing.  

Many people came into this world without the natural writing talent.  If you are one of those people, I create the gender relevant content for you that keeps prospects clicking with you.  

As we partner to make your business grow, I provide irresistible ways to get you noticed via...

  • press releases
  • free publicity
  • autoresponder (email) messages
  • PDF reports
  • ebooks
  • booklets
  • content articles on your website
  • content articles in online newsletters in businesses complementary to yours
  • posts on relevant niche market bulletin boards, blogs or forums

Potential clients are already looking for your quality products and services.  They already have a horrible problem only your product or service solves.  If you are invisible to your market, how can you share your passion?

Here's how to contact me so we can get started working together.  I'm excited to get to know all about you.

or by 24-hour message at (740) 531-0400

or by Skype at hypnotic-brain-talk.

What will you do with all the money coming to you as you become a famous and lucrative business?  There's no time like the present to start attracting customers that are already looking for you.  

I'm looking forward to helping you improve your business right away.  It's your move.

To your success,

Susan Fox


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