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People everywhere want simple solutions to their every day problems.  But, how do you know your niche market really understands you are here to help them? How do you clearly get your “I’m here to help” message across to them?  By talking their language.  That means thinking the way THEY think.  I’m listed as Alternative Health Copywriter, Cleveland, Ohio, Susan Fox.  The data on your website is called copy.  Thus, I am known as a copywriter and I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. If you need a copywriter or someone to coach you in writing copy, I am the person for you.  I help you or provide copy for your niche in a way that means something to them.

Here’s an analogy.  If you are a parent, looking to provide for your child, you must know how to think like your child.  What exactly does this mean?  It means you must know what is important to your child, and, using empathetic compassion AND wisdom, guide your child to think for him or herself to make correct and meaningful decisions.

This also means that you cannot always be focused on YOUR schedule and on your child making life convenient for you all the time.  Sometimes you need to take the time to go at your child’s learning pace.  You do this by genuinely caring to help your child in a way that may take more time and resources than you might initially want to provide.  But, nonetheless, it is the way to really show you care for your child.

When it comes to copywriting, your priority must be doing things that show you really care about helping your niche market FIRST and foremost rather than on how affordable your service or products are.  Your intent to help them live their dream FIRST above your own agenda of exchanging money for your offers FIRST, helps you connect with them on a long term level.

In other words, successful businesses develop genuine relationships with their niche.  When you give help, sometimes for free, you intuitively show you truly care about helping them live their dreams.  I do this by using my intuitive writing skills.  Using my gut feelings, I look for ways to help niche markets live their dreams.  Because I love helping people get to the truth of matters in my copywriting, my clients help their customers learn the keys to living their dreams, too.

Alternative Health Copywriter, Cleveland, Ohio, Susan Fox Works To Help Women and Families Prosper

Is your business one where you want to help women or families prosper?  Then, I think we will be a good fit for each other.  If genuine relationships, making better decisions for yourself or helping your children make better decisions for themselves interests you, then I think we will work well together for your business.

I am also a certified hypnotist.  I’ve been helping clients achieve goals using hypnosis since 1988.  If you are pregnant and want to connect with your baby before your baby is born, I can help you develop dialogs with your baby while he or she is still in the fetal stage.  My son started reading when he was 16 months old.  Learning is easy for him.  Math is easy for him.  I give a lot of credit to his developed learning skills to the preparation we enjoyed while he was still inside my womb.  And, the continuation of that training as a toddler, through childhood and until the present day.  (He is now 24 years old and still uses the techniques I taught him so he can excel and be who he loves to be!)  You can have that for your child and family, too.  All by developing your intuitive skills and developing and sharing them with your family.

Want to tap into your higher wisdom to live a more spiritual life?  Developing your intuitive self begins by allowing the Divine Spirit in to your mind.  Let me help you like I’ve already helped thousands of women do…develop your intuitive self.


Alternative Health Copywriter and Writing Coach Susan Fox
focusing your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes from within into your writing projects!

Contact me at yoursecretwishes@gmail.com and lets talk about it! – Hugs, Susan


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