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How To Get New Customers – Viewpoint Alignment

Serve Your Market

Here’s how to get new customers; be your PROSPECTS’ audience. Listen to what’s important to them. Support their story. Why? Empathy (not sympathy) connects you to your audience. Getting new customers is as simple as that.

Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs Want to Connect With Audiences

You experienced a life-altering event.  You’re the expert in telling your story AND how you freed yourself from that nightmarish experience. Specific audiences want to hear your story. How do you get before folks who will pay you to share your experience? Listening and aligning with the decision-makers’ viewpoints who hire speakers.

How do you benefit by doing things the way those who hire speakers want things done? You get what you want! An audience.

NOTE: This does not mean allowing disrespect to be part of the agreement to serve an audience. Sometimes you’ll be a mismatch with a decision-maker. YOU are the one in control of accepting a speaking gig or serving a customer. Let respect be your standard.

Not a public speaker or author? Want to know how to get new customers? The answer is the same; viewpoint alignment with your customer’s wants or their goal desires.

The Influential Viewpoint

In neuromarketing, also called viewpoint marketing, you, the business product/service provider, seek compatibility and agreement:

  • Whatever you talk about sounds right, fair and exactly what is needed.
  • The way you imagine the situation in your mind is the way your prospect passionately and emphatically sees the situation and feels about it.
  • Harmoniously and compatibly connecting from the same viewpoint, both parties experience a melding of the minds.
  • For content marketing purposes, things feel fascinating, satisfying and pleasurable.
  • The WAY you connect feels right. You both WANT to be business friends.

Neuromarketing – Exceptional Customer Experience

When people like decisions they make, they feel satisfied. For marketing purposes, you can use the brain’s viewpoints to show prospective buyers how to see personal value in their buying decisions. Systematically using the brain’s thinking programs creates exceptional customer experiences. Uniquely marketing from the brain’s 4 natural viewpoints (called neuromarketing) you show how people can feel fulfilled living their life dreams.

Be On The Same Wavelength As Your Market

Don’t know neuromarketing principles yet? That’s okay. I specialize in training small business owners in neuromarketing. Let’s connect! Discover how to get new customers as your natural, authentic self! Join my email list and get this FREE neuromarketing ebook.

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