How To Get New Customers Begins By Partnering With Them

Serve Your Market

Here’s how to get new customers; become partners with the market members you serve. How do you partner with prospects? In your marketing copy, show potential customers how they can figure out the best decision to improve their specific issue or situation. This means, help them understand which products and services their customers need so THEY can live their dreams or achieve their goals. Living their dreams is what really matters to your customers.

Talk About What Urgently Interests Them

How do you do that? Talk about what’s urgently important to them, not what you THINK they want to talk about. Instead, talk about THEIR issues and interests. These are topics and themes holding their attention.

Be On The Same Wavelength As Your Market

What do you need to do to find out what your market audience wants to talk about?  Do thorough market research.  I can show you how to do this.

Solopreneur and small business clients love learning these strategies. They’re at the foundation of knowing how to get new customers and how to keep them as long-term business friends. Customers feel satisfied (and so do you) when you effectively serve your market.


Suppose you sell cybersecurity threat protection services.  Recent stats reveal that cyber threats are up by 47%. Read this sample of engaging copy for those interested in protecting themselves from ransomware and other cyber threats:

“What type of Dark Web Target are You? Imagine calmly working along on your computer. Suddenly you read, “Hello! Your data is now being held for ransom.”

“Your heart sinks.  You pound your fist on the keyboard. Now you know what a deer feels like terrified and unexpectedly trapped in front of an oncoming car’s headlights!

“Today (October 2020) cyber criminals average $84,000 data ransom from solopreneurs just like you. Does your cybersecurity protection program give you affordable 24/7 protection? What about phone access to an engineer if things go sideways? If not, you may have the wrong company serving you.

“Find out what you’re mistakenly doing that makes you such an easy target for ransomware.  Get our FREE cyber threat assessment by contacting us here!”

A site visitor reading this content instantly sees the relevance of asking for your business-saving help.  In the headline, your copy must seem instantly relevant to your target market. If your sales conversion rates are low, you’ve missed using the most engaging way to write copy for your target market audience.

Engage, Entice, Excite The Mind!

Engaging copy talks all about what matters to your target market. If your copy focuses more on what you want your site visitor to like, more about you, your company or your company’s offer, it bores potential prospects. Why? Because it’s all about YOU rather than them!

Copy that doesn’t emotionally connect with your site visitors triggers frowns and click-aways.  Frowns and click-aways feel dissatisfying. Like an embarrassing slap in the face, they blatantly show evidence of your business success level. 

Don’t know how to write engaging copy?  That’s okay. I don’t know how to cook well.  (That’s why my husband is the family cook!)

No one can be all things to all people. If you want to know how to get new customers, you need someone who knows how to write engaging content so your target market knows you care about helping them.

I’m a freelance SEO content copywriter, copywriting coach and a neuromarketing strategist. Let’s connect so you finally know how to get new customers!

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I am a professionally trained AWAI copywriter.  The secret to writing interesting, compelling, engaging copy begins and ends by focusing on how you can help your target market get what they want out of life.


Here’s what some of my students and clients have to say about what they learned in our training sessions. (If you don’t have time to train yourself in copywriting, I can write the marketing copy for you.)

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