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You wake up and sit down to your computer’s keyboard. Your head ignites with ideas. Almost magically, your inner copywriting genie guides your hands to your keyboard’s sweet spot. Your hands effortlessly dance across the keyboard’s keys. What? That’s not happening enough? Words are NOT easily flowing out the tips of your fingers? Whoa! Quick! You need Cleveland Ohio Freelance Copywriter Coach Susan Fox!  Sharing secrets to engaging copywriting skills, she reveals how your fingers will mind you!

What makes your copy engaging?  By writing your message in a way that sounds like the thoughts your ideal prospect thinks. But many people just don’t get how to engage!

What’s the difference between engaging copy that’s all about what really matters to your target market and copy about you? Copy about you doesn’t interest them. It interests YOU!

Here’s something you can do right now to start making your copy sound engaging. Don’t tell people what you do. Write about what they FEEL and how you can improve how they can get to more often FEEL the way they want to feel.

Feelings emotionally drive your copy. Write FEELINGS-based copy. Those feelings engage people and inspires and motivates them to TAKE ACTION. Want to create high converting copy for your clients? Write in ways where your client’s prospects feel an emotional connection to taking action. This actually is a KEY component of writing engaging copy!

I am a professionally trained AWAI copywriter.  The secret to writing interesting, compelling, engaging copy begins and ends with practicing and developing the engagement skill. Here’s what some of my students and clients have to say about what they learned in our training sessions.

Cleveland Ohio Freelance Copywriter Coach Susan Fox Helps You Improve Engagement

Do your email campaigns connect you with your ideal prospects?  How about your marketing ebooks, social media projects or other marketing messages? If your message doesn’t convert, it just needs some tweaks.  I am here to show you how to tweak it up!


Contact me right now at [email protected]  – Hugs, Susan



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