What is Intuition?

What is Intuition?

Intuition is an invisible, divine gift stored in our subconscious and given to each of us before we are even born. We use it as a compass to keep us moving forward during our human life journey. When you accurately use your intuition, you consciously “tune in” to the Divine Universe which is a sacred “peace place” in mind. Intuition is different from instinct, which is an innate human mental instruction to act, usually without using conscious thought.


Mind, an invisible theory, can be compared to the raw materials of life. Think thoughts and you use mind. In other words, imagine mind like invisible raw materials we use to create. Think the word “clay.” Just as you create objects with clay, you create energetic thought forms or life forms using mind.


From mind we create and receive thoughts. We then use our brain to interpret those thoughts to make our human decisions for earth life activities.


You are a dual being. You are a human and a spirit. The highly intelligent Divine Mind consistently suggests ways you can think and behave to live in Infinite Affluence. When you use the always present counsel of selfless Divine Mind, you vibrate on the peace consciousness frequency.


How is Intuition Different From Instinct?

Instinct, a human mechanism in our design architecture is a programming instruction in the human mind. Subconsciously using our instinct as a part of our human design and desire to do good for ourselves, we may act BEFORE we think.


Using human instinct, we may instantly react when we recognize “danger.” Using instinct, we listen to our human thoughts. We interpreting thoughts using the brain. Once we have an interpretation of an idea, without consciously thinking, we act. When we use instinct, we tend to behave according to something internal naturally prompting us to act according to that prompt.


Instinct is something innate within our human design architecture. Different from a consciously learned response, instinct prompts us when certain mentally perceived triggers become activated. But we use instinct for more than alerting ourselves to danger. We use it to perpetuate life.


When we follow instinctive prompts, we simply act using innate mental instructions posited to exist in the subconscious memory banks from birth. During instinctive acts, we sense something needs to be done. The thought to act a certain way becomes consciously obvious to you and then you act a certain manner supportive that instinctive sense. And, if you choose to respond to your instinct prompt, you may act without being fully aware of the “why” to acting that way.


Acting according to instinct may confound your conscious mind that prefers to analyze and plan before acting. But, if you follow the instinctive prompt you may improve or even save your life.


For example, a mother with a newborn instinctively wants to nurse her baby. It’s nothing anyone necessarily taught the woman. She just wants to do it. Compare the instinctive desires of the mother wanting to nurse her newborn with a consciously learned behavior.


To demonstrate a learned behavior, commercials condition you to believe that eating flavored chemicals containing sugar and other toxic substances is a smart or good thing to do. However, logically, you know that eating poisons found in junk food actually offers nothing nutritional for life-sustaining body fuel.


When you find yourself in the store buying a candy bar, that behavior is a conditioned response rather than an instinctive response to do good for you. Do you think you would find a candy bar in the Garden of Eden? No. It is a candy bar is simply a mass of toxic chemicals you are conditioned to believe contains some benefit to you.

Compare a candy bar (not even real food) with raw asparagus stalks. Which item, toxic chemicals or raw food, do you think has more nutritional value and sustains life the best? Use your intuition, conscious research and make your decision to answer the question. Instinctively, you will become aware of the right answer for you.


The trick is, will you follow your Divine Intuition (and eat the raw asparagus stalks) or will you be confused and eat the candy bar? By developing your susceptibility to listen to the suggestions the Divine offers, AND follow its guidance for your REAL benefit, you can live in Infinite Affluence in the human world.


Conversely, by justifying that you don’t have to “do what’s right” you can also experience the effects of the chi blocks you create that misdirect you to live in lack. The conscious choice is always yours.
Intuition is an invisible Divine tool we can use to interpret human life situations from a Divine Consciousness level. Since the Divine consistently provides knowledge and wisdom for us as a constant companion, learning how to develop intuitive mastery helps you live in infinite affluence in your relationships and life situations.


Your intuitive ability to know and use Divine Wisdom from the Divine within you occurs without permission from your human self. There is no analytic reasoning when you use your intuition. There is listening and trusting in the Divine nature to ALWAYS tell you the truth. Compared with the human ego that often acts out of a self-absorbed justification, our intuition will always focus on what is good for your Soul’s development.


How to tell the difference between actually doing good and justifying what’s socially defined as convenient for the moment? Go for the feeling of authentic peace in your decisions. That does take training. I can help you understand how to use your intuition and develop that natural skill. Using your spiritual discernment, you can know the difference between using the conscious, subconscious, superconscious (Divine) mind, and instinct and reasoning skills.


Are you intuitive? The answer is yes. Some people are more intuitive than others. If you want to develop your natural intuitive abilities to feel more inspired in life, call me today for a free consultation in the US and Canada at (740) 531-0400. You’ll be glad you did! Or email me with your questions or thoughts now at [email protected]