Can You Successfully Use Your Intuition For Business Decisions?

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“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”
Albert Einstein


Are you purposely using your intuition when you make business decisions? Do you like the feeling of certainty you get when listening to and following the Divine? You may be using your intuition if you first mediate and ponder the best solution that “just feels right” for a business problem. Have you ever just had “a gut feeling” that a business decision was right for you? If so, you may have been listening to your intuition all along but never realized that’s what you were doing.


The famous scientist, Albert Einstein believed in using his intuition. He strongly connected feelings of the heart with intuition. Dr. Einstein believed a man closely connected with God thought with his heart rather than blindly following the party line. Einstein admitted he believed in what he called a vital force or energy in creation. He associated energy with spirituality concepts.


What about you? Each of us has genius flowing through us from birth. You have that genius available to you, too, to ask for highly intelligent guidance for your business. Here’s a simple exercise you can do to talk into your intuition to make better decisions for your business.


Intuitive Processing

Step one – Allow your mind to relax. Close your eyes. Be very clear on what decision you need to make about your business.


Step two – Imagine sitting around a big business conference table. Invite in successful business people from “the other side” about which you’ve read or heard. Invite them to sit at the table.


Step three – One at a time, ask questions of this highly talented business team about your current business decision. Use your mind and expect to get some helpful insights so you can make a better decision.


Step four – Allow yourself to intuitively hear or imagine answers to your questions that just feel right. There will seldom be a “rush” to implement them. Just write out a plan and enact each step of the plan at a reasonable pace for you. Writing down your ideas actually helps your brain and mind work together.


Step five – Once you have written down the insights received from your intuitive brainstorming session, ask some business people you trust about your ideas. They may intuitively know something to add which will make things even better!


Have an inspiring intuition business story you’d be willing to share to help others? Please share it with me. Or, if you want help developing your intuitive problem-solving skills for making better business decisions, call me today for a coaching session in the US and Canada at (740) 531-0400. You’ll be glad you did! Email me with your comments or questions at [email protected]