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How to Engage The Mind Of Happy Readers

Want to be seen as a trusted writer who inspires minds? Engage the audience looking to read trustworthy content.  This type of reader is a happy reader.  If you want to know how to engage the mind of happy readers, you must write as the happy writer.  You do this by speaking that target’s language to engage that specific audience.  When you engage a specific audience with your writing, you talk about things that type of reader likes to read.  For example, do you generally feel happy about or choose to feel happy about life?  Then, for you, the easiest reader to engage is the one with a happy mind.

Think about the concept of “timeless classic” ideas.  A timeless classic is something that is needed regardless of what society tells us we need.  When you write about timelessly classic truths, and how to stay true to your authentic self, you engage the mind of a happy reader. Write from your soul and those

How To Engage The Mind of Happy Readers

When you write from the heart as your authentic, true self, you inspire people to be better at being their true self.  You educate, inform and motivate your readers to keep being genuinely happy.  You think like a happy reader because you are a happy reader.  So, when you write and tell the world about your story, be a classic happy writer.  Write from your heart and be real.  This helps you to engage the audience you really want to attract.

The world that is mired in unhappiness writes negatively.  Sometimes that person is you.  Recognize when you feel negative about things and choose to change mental directions to be happy again.  When you write optimistically, you engage the mind of the happy reader.  And, you keep promoting classic happiness.

For example, suppose you are a self-help or personal development writer.  Instead of writing about how to overcome the fear of failure, which assumes you already must fear failure, talk about success and how to be a success.  The fear of failure does not attract the happy reader in you.  Instead it attracts the unhappy reader in you.

Each Of Us Has a Happy Reader and An Unhappy Reader Within

The way the brain and mind work together, we actually have a happy and unhappy reader potential within.  You can talk negatively about the mortal hopelessness of the world.  This attracts the unhappy reader who may be mentally stuck in life.  That’s causes unhappiness thinking and thought patterns.  When we think using unhappiness thinking patterns, we also play the role of the unhappy reader.  Luckily, we have another option…to play the role of the happy reader.

When we write to the happy reader, we write from the mindset of the happy writer.  By intentionally writing about possibilities and how we can help readers solve their problems with our useful solutions, we write to the happy reader.

Tell Your Story to the Happy Reader

When you intentionally choose to think in happy terms, you write about how grateful you feel about the blessings in your life.  And there are plenty of them.  All you have to do is write about them and they appear more often.

I encourage you to remember that when you write your story content in blog posts, video scripts, emails or website content, write to the happy reader.  It is a lovely way to set the tone for your website and your business.