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Do your emails create or delete customer relationships?

Gadzooks!  What scientists won’t discover next! Have you heard about life altering brain research spotlighting the differences between the way the male brain and female brain functions and interprets communication?  When applied to copywriting in emails, blog posts, website content and any type of content marketing that you do, you can effectively build customer relationships easier.

Why do you want to read through this entire post?  Because it contains astounding content marketing information that is probably new to you.  Want to create meaningful and long term customer relationships with your compelling storytelling? The information in this blog post reveals how to write marketing content with greater impact.  Here’s what’s interesting.  Hardly any copywriters know about this information.  So, you may be the first to find out about it.

Using Basic Human Nature Science Improves Your Writing

The human body lives largely by subconscious programs activated and in use from birth.  These innate programs help the body maintain integrity. Imagine tapping into human nature processes to make your copy more compelling!  Well, it turns out, according to Dr. John Gray, Beverly Taylor (CEO of The Easy Key to Life Institute) and brain researchers that you can do just that. Here’s the bullet on this fascinating brain research you can use to attract and convert customers better.

The human brain functions 90% the same between the sexes.  It is the 10% difference that can be worked with when it comes to writing copy specifically for men targets and tweaked specifically for women target audiences.  Incorporating a basic understanding of two hormones, testosterone and oxytocin, you can get started today changing the way you write content copy.

Attract and Build Customer Relationships Via Talking Gender Differences Language

Did you know that when a man has sufficient amounts of testosterone, his stress is naturally reduced?  What this means is that whatever activities a man does requires a sufficient amount of testosterone for him to live as a successful man.

He is actually biologically designed to create testosterone so he can feel like a winner.  But this is only one example of how a man naturally creates testosterone.  He can create testosterone by READING something that ignites his innate feelings of being a winner. It is the nature of testosterone that innately drives him to be involved in activities so he can keep feeling like a winner. And, you can use this scientific information to successfully build better customer relationships.

Think about what this means when it comes to writing content copy.

We all write compelling stories about products and services.  If you are writing content that makes a man feel like a winner by using the product or service you describe in your copy, this actually, physically, biologically activates his natural ability to create testosterone.  You want to attract customers for your writing customers, right?  Then, start incorporating the science of content copywriting called Gender Brain Chemistry™ and Gender Brain Science™.

When men have sufficient testosterone, their stress levels stay in check.  Men can function more effectively when there is low stress in their lives. So, keeping this in mind also in your content writing, and writing to set him up for success, you actually HELP men feel good about being men.

Imagine what this means for improving the effect of your copywriting for male target markets.  The more you write using words that drive a man to feel like he can achieve his goals and feel like a winner, the more you connect with him on a deep subconscious level.  This can give you an edge on building trust when it comes to developing business relationships and improving sales conversions.  Better business relationships means more financial opportunities for you and more writing gigs for more customers.

The more often he reads copy with testosterone driving words, the more he likes to keep reading what you are saying in your content.  As we all know, building trust is an important step in developing and maintaining product or service brand credibility.

And there’s more good news…

This works for women, too.  A woman needs sufficient amounts of the hormone oxytocin to be well, healthy and content.  When being shown she is genuinely loved for who she is, it reduces her stress.  She feels happy and can achieve her life dreams feeling the way a woman is created to be… by feeling genuinely loved for who she is.

Write copy containing oxytocin creating and activating words.  These words suggest possibilities where she can show caring feelings to others.  When you write in oxytocin-driving words that support her in developing and engaging in respectful relationships and generally bond with trusting, genuine people, she can relate more intimately with your words.  This helps her connect better and identify more closely and believe in what you are saying.  Connecting and relating to what you are saying, trust is built faster.

In other words, the male brain thinks in gender-specific keywords that are different than the keywords the female brain uses.  Once you use these gender-specific keyword databases, your entire copywriting changes.

Testosterone and Oxytocin Words

So, what are some testosterone driving words? They are words that help him keep moving, making decisions, asserting himself.  A man who has a high need for testosterone is a very active type of guy.  Write copy to which he can innately relate and he will keep reading what you create for him. When he’s mentally engaged in what you are saying, chances are increased he will want to buy your product or service offered in your content.

What are some oxytocin driving words for her? They are words that encourage and support her in expressing ideas with others, help her connect, improve (or maintain and sustain) genuinely loving and respectful relationships.

Men and women HAVE TO think, speak and behave according to their true male or female nature.  Therefore, work with the NATURE of your either male or female target market.  This brain research is scientifically based.  Since this is a scientific FACT, doesn’t it just seem like common sense to work WITH the nature of the male and female brain to attract and retain customers more easily?

So, if you want to work WITH human nature in your content, talk WITH women in your copy, not AT them.  Communicate with men using brief, succinct phrases that get to the bottom line which is theirs…fixing and solving problems.

A note of caution however…if you SAY you’re going to deliver something that has real value to your reader prospect, you better deliver what you promised to deliver.  Otherwise, by word of mouth and online posts, your credibility will be trashed…perhaps forever.  Never violate that trust you’ve taken so much time to build.  This is a cornerstone of writing content based on human nature.

Want more information on Beverly Taylor’s program called Gender Brain Science™ and Gender Brain Chemistry™ for your content writing needs?  Click the link below to get a free ebook on the topic.  It will open up your mind to an entirely different way to write copy and attract customers!

Working With Human Nature Content Writing