how to write a good blog

How To Write A Good Blog

Do you wonder how to write a good blog post?  It includes following some simple steps.  When you make things simple, they are easier to understand.  Writing blogs can be easy when you first know your audience.  Once you identify your audience, have a casual conversation with them through the content you write.  In your content share something that informs your niche to help them either achieve a goal or solve a problem.

How to Write A Good Blog Post

Suppose your ideal niche prospect is:

  1. a married woman
  2. has at least some college or a college degree
  3. she’s aged 30-50 years old
  4. has elementary-aged school children
  5. takes care of the family Black Labrador Retriever

The demographic information you’ve collected helps you decide which content she wants to read.  As you practice following a method for writing your blog, you’ll know how to write a good blog.  In other words, in order to know how to write a good blog, you have to practice the keys to doing it.

You can break your niche’s demographics into content categories.  Do this by first writing out a content calendar just for her. Writing a content calendar gives you purpose and direction in your writing.

With your content calendar, include a blog post schedule.  This schedule will contain posts relevant to topics you plan to write.  They cover the individual steps of solving a particular problem or achieving a certain goal.  It will also be a way to keep track of a schedule of topics and subtopics about which to write.  This helps you eliminate blog post writer’s block.

Think of the posts you’ll write as if the collective posts were a roadmap to success for her. The following is an example content calendar and blog post schedule for a niche reader found within the above demographics.

Current Monthly Content Calendar For My Niche

Topic one: Simple Time Management Secrets for Married Women

Topic two: How to Make Homework Fun for Kids

Topic three: Motivating Older Children To Help Younger Siblings

Topic four:  Sharing Dog Care Tasks for the Family

Notice that in the content calendar, you’ve outlined general topics about which to write that will interest your ideal niche reader.  By shuffling topics, you provide new, different or exciting blog posts to keep your niche interested in coming back for more.

Consider organizing your blog post writing into a 6-month or one year schedule of blog post topics.  Once you’ve outlined the blog post content calendar, next you decide what goal or problem your posts contain.  For example, in Simple Time Management Secrets for Married Women, the post will contain simple time management tips unique to a married woman.  You might consider making a series about any of the topics.  A series of posts with new tips keeps your reader interested to return for the next blog post issue.

Blog Post Schedule

The blog post schedule breaks down into subtopics the main topic you’ve outlined in the content calendar. For example, continuing on with the topic Simple Time Management Secrets for Married Women, you might choose to write subtopics on time management for married women.  Creating the blog post topic title, helps you know what to write.  Think about the unique challenges within your niche and share your solutions with your niche.  The following is a sample blog post schedule for the topic Simple Time Management Secrets for Married Women.

Blog post 1- Time Management Secrets For Busy Moms

Blog post 2 – 10 Minute Homework Strategies

Blog post 3 – How to Get to Work On Time

Blog post 4 – Housekeeping Contests for Kids

Blog post 5 – Tips for Getting to School on Time

There are several ways on how to write a good blog.  In my experience, by following a simple process, you stay on track and provide the relevant solutions and content your niche readers need.

Have some other ideas on how to write a good blog?  Please share some of your best ideas by emailing me at [email protected].

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