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6 Easy Steps To Make Money Writing

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Want to know why writers write?  It’s because you were BORN to write. You can make money writing but if you simply LOVE to write, that’s all the better!

You Can Make Money Writing Just Because

Is something driving you to write and share your message?  If so, that’s called passion.  Why engage your passion for writing? In a nutshell, it’s because satisfying your passion gives you a sense of purpose! When you feel like you’re doing something purposeful, you also feel like you’re doing something that makes a meaningful difference in your life.  Feeling like you’re doing something meaningful, drives you to keep living!  So, you can make money writing just to make money or, you can do it because it’s your passion!

I encourage you to read these 6 easy steps to make money writing.  Then write.  If you are considering getting into this career, read some writing tips here about being a writer. Just do it!

Remember, when it comes to being a writer… never let another person without the writing drive discourage you from writing.  The world would be boring without writers.

Make Money Writing

Here are the 6 easy steps to make money writing:

  1. Interests. You are already interested in something unique.  If you develop your interest, you will probably find many people interested in this specific topic.  Inherently in any topic, people experience challenges or problems.  They’re looking for solutions to those challenges.  When you write about how you solved that niche-specific problem, businesses will pay you to share your solution.  So, find out what your writing topic interest is.  This is the first simple step to make money writing.
  2. Analyze. After you know what you love so much about one specific topic, analyze the nuances of that topic. What’s so interesting to you about it?  Focus on the segments of this topic that excites the mind of large groups of people.  For example, you might find studying the mating habits of the tsetse fly personally life-altering.  However, if there are only a handful of people in the world also interested in this topic, that niche can’t financially support your writing skill.  In other words, there are probably not enough people in the world willing to pay you to write about it.  Doing market research before you pay thousands of dollars for training in this topic helps you avoid making writing career mistakes.What other topics might deeply interest you?  Let’s suppose you also like everything about puppies and their care. Millions of people own dogs.  Dogs eventually die and those dog owners will want puppies to replace their beloved pet.  Writing about puppies WILL most likely support your writing skill because there are large groups of people who want to know the solutions to caring for puppies.
  3. Get Training. Once you know a market and topic about which to write, it is important to get professional writing training.  You can take many courses that teach you how to write in an intriguing interesting way.  Everyone LOVES to listen to a good story.  You develop your skill of telling an interesting story by getting training.  Once trained, it’s important to practice your skill.  Fans pay experienced storytellers to entertain, inform and educate them.  So, training is an important step to make money writing.
  4. Write. Every business needs writing to communicate their important messages. The general public loves to be entertained with a good story.  The world needs various types of writing.   You may be the type of person who loves getting to the nitty-gritty details about a topic.  That might also mean technical report writing would be the type of writing you want to do.  Or, you might want to write a script so actors and actresses can play roles telling a great story.  Whatever the type of writing you love to do, the more you write, the better you develop your writing talent.  Eventually, as you practice and build your skill, you get paid to write! So, regularly writing and applying what you’ve learned is a very important step in making money writing.
  5. In America, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( reveals how lucrative certain careers are.  Can you support yourself financially as a writer? According to, the average annual wage for writers and authors in May 2016 was $61,240.  That’s a pretty good salary!
  6. Writing Pays! According to the, the job outlook for writers and authors is 8% growth from 2016 – 2026. Because many people love to write, strong competition is expected for full-time writing jobs. Are you ready to develop your writing career skills?

Why Would You Want To Make Money Writing?

Without writing and writers, actors and actresses would be out of a job.  Why?  They would have no scripts from which to read and memorize their parts in the character roles they play.  Without the specialized art of writing, humans would be idiots, unable to communicate.

The following list reveals some added bonuses while you make money writing.  I’ve also thrown in some other benefits, stats and traits about writers and writing:

  1. You can work in your pajamas.
  2. Your weird behaviors can be all answered by saying, “I’m a writer.”
  3. You can be the voice for those who need to be heard.
  4. You can work on your own schedule, including during the wee hours of the morning and no one questions it.
  5. stat – About 2 in 3 writers and authors were self-employed in 2016.
  6. stat – The median annual wage for writers and authors was $61,240 in May 2016.
  7. stat – The writer/author career field is projected to grow 8% from 2016 to 2026. This is about average growth for the field.
  8. You enjoy having completely flexible schedules.
  9. You can take on writing assignments that include receiving a royalty for many years after doing the original work.

10.You can set aside time to travel or spend time with your family.

11.You can pick and choose your clients.

12.You can specialize only in fields that interest you.

13.You can work at your own pace.

14.You get to do interesting topic research.

15.Marketing writers help people find solutions they desperately need to their sometimes life-threatening problems.

16.When you know how to write marketing copy, you can market your own products.

17.You can choose the place in which you work.

18.You can keep improving your writing skill because you write regularly. The more you write, the better you become at writing.

19.Copywriters can earn a lot of money with just a couple weeks work or by specializing in a certain type of copywriting.

20.You never have to retire from writing.

21.Writers are born to write!  They simply LOVE writing!

22.Some writers can work with a collaborator or they can work alone.

23.You can express your thoughts and opinions about anything you’ve experienced or learned in life.

24.You can sculpt stories that drive the reader to escape reality, troubles and worries.

25.You can share knowledge in ebooks, stories, blog posts, social media posts, online courses, speeches.  The content can help humans make better decisions and be happier in virtually any situation people experience.

26.You can clear your mind when you write out what’s troubling you.

27.Writing about your fears and phobias on paper helps you reveal self-limiting thoughts hiding in your subconscious mind, holding you back in life.

28.When you write out what’s on your mind, you can vent upset feelings and speak your mind so you can intelligently share your viewpoint.

29.Writing helps you work through and solve problems for yourself and others.

30.Writing helps you remember things.

If you want to share your important message, write it down and share it.  Like this list of writing tips?  Share them with your writing friends!