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Sell Your Book by Not Selling It!

How do you sell your book? Well, the answer is really simple. By selling to people who already like or have a passionate interest in your book’s topic.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about something completely unrelated to what I just said. Kitty cats…

Kitty cats are so sweet, innocent and lovable, right? Well, for cat lovers, that’s true. However, for people who are allergic to cats, they probably want nothing to DO with kittens or cats. Why? Because people with cat allergies experience allergic reactions around virtually any cat. Okay, now let’s talk again about something completely unrelated to cats …

Am I boring you yet? Are you about to click away? The entire point I want to make here is that unless I talk about what interests YOU, my readers, you will be bored. After all, you expect for me to inform, educate or entertain you. You already expect that.  That means, in order for you to keep reading my content, I MUST satisfy your contextually relevant content expectations. Now, let’s relate that to selling your book or writing services.

In order for you to sell your book, it is NECESSARY to find a common interest in the mind of your target audience and communicate to your fan, prospect or customer from that common interest viewpoint. It is by finding and connecting through common interests with your target audience that you create a “meating of the mind.” Yes, I intentionally misspelled the word “meeting” because we want to get to the “meat” of the matter which is how to sell your book or writing services.

In other words, you sell your book by not selling it. Instead, you carry on a casual conversation about something that interests you AND your readers, prospects or customers. Conversing casually about something both you and your target likes is NOT selling.  Instead, it is a part of developing and maintaining a meaningful relationship.

Your readers WANT a relationship with you because you are providing them with contextually relevant information, education and/or entertainment. Or, when done in a way that really interests your readers, “edutainment” which is an entertaining way to inform people.

The same thing is true of small business owners who need your writing services. In business, we want to create, maintain and sustain a meaningful business relationship with people who need our marketing content. Our content can become the voice of your business customer. To develop that meaningful relationship with a business customer…

  1. Know what is important and what really matters to your client’s customers. Write about how to solve problems, challenges or make improvements that matter to your client’s customers. This shows your writing expertise in that topic.
  2. Share common topics with your business customers that contain contextually relevant content to THEIR customers. This means you need to know what your clients like. Do you genuinely like and believe in their mission, their movement, their standards, and write supportive content in favor of those topics? If so, you easily develop a genuine business relationship. This can happen instantly which can be good especially when you are just starting out your copywriting services business.
  3. Once you really know who your ideal customer is and you develop a like for the things he or she likes, you also develop a trust for each other. See the similarity between the bond a dog and dog owner develop? Dogs and dog owners’ bond through common interests, respect and love for each other.  Apply this same concept with your readers, prospects and customers. Provide contextually relevant content they want. Doing this, you and your target audience develop trust between each other. That is why know, like and trust is necessary to sell your writing services or books.

Sell Your Book Or Writing Services By Connecting Via Contextually Relevant Content

Making connections with your ideal markets happens when you give them what they want rather than expecting them to want what you want them to want. (Boy, that’s a tongue-twister isn’t it?) If that seems a little vague, here’s some clarity.

Suppose you LOVE writing about cats. However, your prospect owns a dog training company, a dog supply company and owns a dog grooming company. His websites ONLY talk about dogs. You may demonstrate expertise at writing all about cats and want to use blog post examples all about cats and kittens to show your extensive writing expertise. However, if he is ONLY interested in dogs but you WANT him to be interested in cats, converting him to become a cat lover instead of a dog lover is NOT VERY LIKELY TO HAPPEN. What can you do to improve the chances of this prospect buying your books or writing services?  WRITE ABOUT DOGS ONLY!

Here’s the bottom line summarized on how to really sell your book or your writing services:

  • Know Your Audience
  • Share Common Interests
  • Build a Trusted Relationship With Fans, Prospects and Customers

Do you have any questions or comments about how to create a meaningful connection with fans, prospects or writing services customers? If so, email me at [email protected]. I am a real person and I do write and answer my own emails.

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  1. Lisa Crowe

    Hi Sue,
    Have read a lot of your information here. Very interesting! You hit upon something of interest to me.
    I have about 25 pages of a book that I started writing some time ago. Not sure what I want to do about
    it. Really need to get to work on it. Keep putting it off because I didn’t want to get involved with main
    stream publishers.
    Nice talking to you again today! Hope Joe practices the visualization given to him.

    • successdiva

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for visiting my website. Glad you find what you read interesting.

      You know, something like 90% of Americans want to write a book. They think the only option is to go to a main stream publisher. However, you can publish your book digitally on Amazon, ITunes, Barnes and Noble and many other places.

      Within you wonderful information is asking you to share it with the world. There are so many wounded floating around the world. If you want to write your book, bring it out! If you need help, I can coach you. But, just get it out!

      Email me if you are ready to answer the spirit within you inspiring you to share your experiences in a book. It’s easier than you think!


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