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Change Lives – Write a Book

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You’re a 38-year-old pregnant mom sitting on the couch at home one night. Relaxed and watching TV with your husband one September evening, you feel like a beached whale. You never expected to be pregnant again after your first-born child died of a rare birth disorder. Yet, here you are… soon to give birth to a second child. Write a book about your experience and change another woman’s life.

Act Purposefully – Write A Book

The scenario written in the first paragraph describes one event in my life. I never expected to be pregnant again after our first son Jason died. When I discovered I was unexpectedly expecting, friends told me to write a book about the experience. It could help other women in the same position cope with the unexpected surprise. I haven’t yet written a book about it, but I’ve written 50 other self-help and marketing books.  Some of those books are ghostwritten for others.

People love reading about how others cope with the unexpected. Think about your own life experiences. How could you change someone else’s life by writing a book?

The world follows leaders. People who write books are leaders. Leaders and followers comprise our world. You might believe you are basically a follower. However, by sharing your unique experiences in a book, in that moment you become a leader.

What Drives You To Make A Meaningful Life Difference? Write About It!

At times we need to be assertive. Write a book about the times your assertions altered the lives in a good way of many people. Being a leader helps followers feel safe. It creates hope in them.

During some life moment YOU needed to feel hopeful when you temporarily felt hopeless. When did that happen to you? Describe the event in detail. Write a book. Be a part of a beehive of efficient productivity. You might become a best-selling author.

People like to know they can do SOMETHING to make things better when they feel helpless and hopeless. Write a book about how people can feel hopeful instead of hopeless during their most desperate life moments. Many books ARE already in you.  Write!

For example, when I walked into my 12-year-old son Jason’s room immediately after he died, I felt like a part of me died. I came back out of his room and walked just on the other side of the bedroom wall into the living room where my husband sat on the couch watching TV.  I said to him, “I need a time.” He knew what that meant.  The Hospice nurse gently reminded me just before she left that day the death certificate needed a time recorded on it.

After I spoke, he stared back at me in disbelief for a second, hoping I had not spoken those words. But he knows I don’t lie when I talk. It’s just not my nature.

He jumped to his feet and dashed to me. In shock, we both rushed back into Jason’s room.

I stopped at Jason’s bed and stood on his right.  My husband rushed to the other side of Jason’s bed. We looked across our child’s non-moving body and both burst into tears. The finality of Jason’s passing slapped us in the face like a brutally cold blast of winter air. How did we cope through the weeks and months and years of being without our baby? The coping methods could be the topic of my next book.

Being focused and goal-oriented, you can inspire others to take purposeful action.  Will you share how to victoriously conquer life’s most unexpected challenges?  Write a book.

You are knowledgeable in many different life areas. People feel eager to hear how you actually thrived and survived traumatic events when you didn’t think you could.

Change lives.  Write a book!

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  1. lashanaflood

    Susan, I so enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing it with us. I would definitely like to do this as well. I actually wrote a book but never published it. Back then it was way too hard to get books published. It is a fictitious romantic book. Maybe I will get to the place where I can do this too. The writing possibilities are indeed endless.

    Be blessed, Susan.


    • successdiva


      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post. You are certainly discovering a lot about what you want to write and for whom to write in our writing coaching sessions. I feel like you have a lot of potential as a copywriter and writer. It’s probably hard to contain your enthusiasm for all you can write the more we work together. Thank you for being my student and for sharing your insights.

      Writing a book is really easy. We can cover how to do that in another session. Just remind me this is something else you want to learn.

      Many blessings to you,

  2. Jacqueline

    You’re so courageous Susan. I’m convinced that there are experiences in my life that would help someone. I just don’t know where to start. Your post has edged me closer…to just write.

    • successdiva

      Thank you Jackie for your comment. Courageous or don’t know any different? I wonder that sometimes. But what about you? Are you courageous enough to write your first book?

      Close your eyes for a moment and envision people reading your book. How would it make them feel knowing you are there for them by sharing your experience? How would YOU feel knowing you’ve made a meaningful difference in their lives. If you want to get started writing a book, first imagine the person who would have the same or similar challenges you’ve conquered. THAT would be the place to start writing a memorable book. If you need more coaching on where to get started, email me directly at [email protected].


  3. Terri Correia

    Hi Susan,
    I read some of your blog and I’d like to say how sorry I am about your son. He is an angel in heaven much like my husband, who was killed by a drunk driver in 2011. Brian was also an USAF veteran, retired after 23 years. I’ve thought of writing my memoirs, but it has been so hard to actually put my pain on paper. I made many mistakes after his death and to be honest, these mistakes have made me feel terribly ashamed. I haven’t been able to totally forgive myself ever since. And it’s been over 8 years since his passing. How would I go about doing such an enormous task as this? I think it would help other women like me. There are so many, many important issues I could write about. But I’m honestly fearful. You’re story made me think. What do YOU think? Thanks so much for getting in touch with me.
    A fellow Vet,

    • successdiva

      Hello Terri,

      Thank you for your kind words about my son. You never expect to outlive your children. But none of us knows what the future holds for anyone.

      Sorry to hear about your loss, too. I hope you are attending grief counseling if you need it.

      Regarding feeling upset about your past mistakes, nobody can be all things to all people. Whatever you’ve done to make you feel ashamed, it is coming from your own mind. What you think about you CAN be changed with different thoughts! A professional hypnotist is trained to help us change our perceptions of life into an empowered way of living.

      YOU are the author of your life. That means the things you think create your life story. Whatever you are thinking, you can CHANGE those thoughts about your personal value or anything.

      Think back to basic training in the military. It was discipline and forward movement that kept us going. If you were anything like me when you enlisted in the Air Force, were might have been out of shape. If so, running laps was tough. But, a little bit at a time, if you ran according to how our TIs coached us to run, we met the required time. Then, you also graduated basic training.

      Compare each sub story in your life with your entire life story. The only way you could have learned about what you like and how to behave the way you prefer to behave was to make mistakes first. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be ashamed about what you’ve done and stay stuck in that shame. If you are stuck in shame, you can heal those self-limiting ways of thinking. Learn from what you’ve done and strive to improve things.

      When I was a kid growing up in Arizona, I joined the Girl Scouts. To me, Girl Scouts was like a non-military way of being with like-minded girls interested in developing self-reliance skills. I feel confident that Girl Scouts helped me successfully get through basic training.

      Anyway, on a scouting event, I was put in charge of watching a patrol of girls cook spaghetti for dinner. I am not a cook. Cooking will never be a natural passion or exceptional talent for me. But I do know how to read directions. I always give my best when I take on a challenge. The time came when the girls needed to know how long to boil the spaghetti. Unfortunately, there were no instructions on the bag of spaghetti. So, I winged it. I suggested they boil it for 30 minutes and then we’d take another look.

      You can imagine what happened to the spaghetti!

      But simply because I didn’t know how to cook spaghetti at the time didn’t mean my personal value changed. We are all lovable yet sometimes we do things that are wrong. It is all part of the learning and living experience about being a human. BTW, I do know how to cook spaghetti now. But, my personal value didn’t change as a result of learning how to cook spaghetti correctly. It changed because of the thoughts I learned to think about me. YOU define your value.

      I AM really good at writing, training, teaching and coaching women to accept and appreciate themselves for who they are. I’m good at public speaking, getting business people publicity, writing songs, singing, playing guitar and focusing on how to believe in the good all around us. I am also good at bringing humor into a situation. But cooking, naw. My husband will always be a better cook than me and so what? There’s stuff I can do well he will NEVER be able to do well.

      There is no need to compete for our personal value. Just do the best you can and expect that better is coming all the time into your life.

      Here’s a book I wrote you might enjoy. It is just about women who want to accept, respect and forgive themselves for whatever!

      Please contact me again and let’s chat about how you can write that book you’ve always wanted to write! Your life is waiting! Something like 90% of Americans want to write a book. Know that you are in good company! Think of all the women you could help who are also stuck in unresolved grief over losing their loved one. Imagine how you could change their life by addressing your own issues and resolving them. A book such as this could provide hope for others. I encourage you to pursue this goal!

      Looking forward to hearing from you again soon!


  4. Terri

    Wow! What an encouraging and uplifting message. Thank you, Susan. I will definitely keep in touch.

    • successdiva

      You are welcome, Terri. Keep moving forward. Remember, there is good in your life right now and more good is coming. Stay focused on what’s good. That will give you hope to keep moving forward.


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