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Change Lives – Write a Book

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You’re a 38-year-old pregnant mom sitting on the couch at home one night. Relaxed and watching TV with your husband one September evening, you feel like a beached whale. You never expected to be pregnant again after your first-born child died of a rare birth disorder. Yet, here you are… soon to give birth to a second child. Write a book about your experience and change another woman’s life.

How does writing a book about your experiences help another woman? We all need to feel a sense of hopefulness during challenging times. Who knows? Maybe your book will be read by a pregnant women feeling hopeless like you did.  Sharing your solutions to combat those hopeless feelings might prevent her from harming herself or her baby someday.

Think of the fame you can experience or the money you can make. Perhaps the admiration of peers or family members. Or, create a sense of accomplishment that feels like you’re doing something really meaningful in your life.  After all, something like 90% of people want to write a book but in reality, only a small percentage of people actually take the time to do it.

The benefits to writing a book are virtually unlimited! You can start writing or audio recording it as early as right now!

Act Purposefully – Write A Book

The scenario written in the first paragraph describes one event in my life. I never expected to be pregnant again after our first son Jason died. When I discovered I was unexpectedly expecting, friends told me to write a book about the experience. It could help other women in the same position cope with the unexpected surprise. I haven’t yet written a book about it, but I’ve written 50 other self-help and marketing books.  Some of those books are ghostwritten for others.

People love reading about how others cope with the unexpected. Think about your own life experiences. How could you change someone else’s life by writing a book?

The world follows leaders. People who write books are leaders. Leaders and followers comprise our world. You might believe you are basically a follower. However, by sharing your unique experiences in a book, in that moment you become a leader.

What Drives You To Make A Meaningful Life Difference? Write About It!

At times we need to be assertive. Write a book about the times your assertions altered the lives in a good way of many people. Being a leader helps followers feel safe. It creates hope in them.

During some life moment YOU needed to feel hopeful when you temporarily felt hopeless. When did that happen to you? Describe the event in detail. Write a book. Be a part of a beehive of efficient productivity. You might become a best-selling author.

People like to know they can do SOMETHING to make things better when they feel helpless and hopeless. Write a book about how people can feel hopeful instead of hopeless during their most desperate life moments. Many books ARE already in you.  Write!

For example, when I walked into my 12-year-old son Jason’s room immediately after he died, I felt like a part of me died. I came back out of his room and walked just on the other side of the bedroom wall into the living room where my husband sat on the couch watching TV.  I said to him, “I need a time.” He knew what that meant.  The Hospice nurse gently reminded me just before she left that day the death certificate needed a time recorded on it.

After I spoke, he stared back at me in disbelief for a second, hoping I had not spoken those words. But he knows I don’t lie when I talk. It’s just not my nature.

He jumped to his feet and dashed to me. In shock, we both rushed back into Jason’s room.

I stopped at Jason’s bed and stood on his right.  My husband rushed to the other side of Jason’s bed. We looked across our child’s non-moving body and both burst into tears. The finality of Jason’s passing slapped us in the face like a brutally cold blast of winter air. How did we cope through the weeks and months and years of being without our baby? The coping methods could be the topic of my next book.

Being focused and goal-oriented, you can inspire others to take purposeful action.  Will you share how to victoriously conquer life’s most unexpected challenges?  Write a book.

You are knowledgeable in many different life areas. People feel eager to hear how you actually thrived and survived traumatic events when you didn’t think you could.

Change lives.  Write a book!