Marketing Copy

Simple Ways To Make Marketing Copy Engaging

What is marketing copy and how can you make it engaging? Marketing copy (also called content or text) is information that tells an interesting story about a prospect’s situation.  It grabs a prospect’s attention and holds it to provide a happy customer experience.

Empathy Connects

Of what value is empathetic content? It engages and connects your reader to you quickly. When you feel engaged in a frustrating situation, you want empathy. It’s a brain thing!

Recall the last time you felt like someone else with whom you were venting a frustration really understood your viewpoint.  As they listened to you, did you feel the other person’s empathy for your problem?

How did that empathy make you feel? Did you feel valued? What about feeling like somebody else “got you” during your time of needing to connect? How about feeling cared about?  All these feelings are vital for developing and maintaining a lasting, trustworthy business relationship. Genuine empathy engages people.

Engagement Holds an Audience’s Attention

Marketing messages that hold your audience’s attention contains empathy and clues that you will give prospects what they want. At the heart of customer experience, engaging marketing copy also gives hope. Hopefulness that things can improve helps you feel better.

Exciting copy stimulates dopamine, the brain chemical that gives us the ability to focus and visualize something personally interesting. Once we’re interested, we want to learn more about how we can get what we want. Now that’s good engagement!

Engagement and Empathy are Brain Phenomena

Using specific words you stimulate the production of certain brain chemicals. Those chemicals work and stimulate the brain’s 4 communication programs. (What? You didn’t know your brain has 4 basic communication programs?  Fascinating!)

Look at the image in this post. It tells a story that compels you to keep looking at it. Engage your target market with interesting marketing content. Doing so, readers see you as a trusted resource.

Add Interesting Images

Focus on providing an image that aligns with your marketing message.  This builds and keeps reader interest.

Engaging copy also aligns with a person’s natural likes, dislikes, belief systems, cultural traditions and/or nature. Words you use that ignite personal interests or issues connect more fully with a person’s own thinking style. Connect with the way a person thinks and your reader stays on the website page longer. Increased page visit time length improves sales conversion rates.

Lastly, copy can engage with a person by presenting uniquely opposing viewpoints. Debates and arguments can stimulate want or desire to find a solution. Engage your readers to think about your message.  It can trigger different thoughts offering new ways of solving problems.

The X-Ray Machine

When the x-ray machine first came out, people considered it to kind of be new agey. Folks didn’t want anything to do with it. It seemed dangerous.  However, eventually specialists who use this technology figured out how to harness this power. Then, marketers revealed safety improvements.  The result? When you have a broken bone, you probably think nothing about getting the affected area x-rayed, right? That’s largely due to neuromarketing and promoting the safety and benefit of x-rays.

The copy you write must excite, inspire, and motivate the ideal prospect to FEEL like buying this training.

Connect Emotionally With Your Prospect/Reader

Marketing copy that does NOT connect emotionally proves you do not understand what really matters to a prospect.  Why?  The copy doesn’t provide a happy, satisfying customer experience.

Practicing will make your copywriting words skyrocket your message. People will be inspired and motivated to take action. By using nouns, verbs and adjectives to actively and descriptively engage your reader, he or she will feel completely understood and engaged. Goal accomplished!