Lucrative Market

Lucrative Market – How Copywriters Find Them

Copywriters just beginning their career may know they want to write but don’t know how to find a lucrative market to serve.  That’s right. We copywriters are here to serve the public by telling people about solutions to their problems/challenges. So, what is your PASSION? Commonly you find your passions by BEING the natural YOU. This is the version of you that never bows to socially conditioned pressures. When you enjoy your natural passions, you’ll most easily find a lucrative market with clients to hire you to write for them.

Unveiling A Lucrative Market Takes Knowing Your Interests

Think of the market you want to serve like being a fan group or a tribe. When you serve your fans or tribe members, you already know what truly matters to them. Innately, they already like or dislike some of the same things you like or dislike. How do YOU know what matters to the people sharing some common beliefs you share? Ask yourself what you commonly know in the way of problems/challenges to your special interest group. What do YOU like or dislike in this group sharing a common interest with you?

Look for the most common patterns of unsolved problems/challenges for your selected market (i.e. fan group or tribe.) See which issues you can solve or improve upon. HOW does the solution make things better?

Share ideas with your fan group or tribe members that improve their lives. This shows your expertise in the matters of most important to them (and you.) When you strongly believe in something, you express a certain energy about you. People can TELL when you feel sincere and invested in your beliefs.

When you show passion about your beliefs, this also shows clients needing copywriting done that YOU are the one they want to hire. When you share what you know, you are an expert in your field. Be the expert your client needs.

Before you can be the ONLY expert for the clients with whom you’re proposing your services, you must be in love with writing for the market. If you’re only writing for the money, you may eventually feel resentful or burn out quickly writing about that topic.

What do you PASSIONATELY believe in? Is it dogs? Cats? Caregiving? IT? Whatever it is, SERVE the people who ALSO feel passionate about those beliefs that make the world a better place.

Wonder where to get started unveiling at least one activity in which you strongly believe? Use your imagination and see yourself surrounded by other believers.  What is the topic in which you strongly believe in this group of experiencers?  Go back in your memory perhaps to some unique challenges only you’ve experienced during your life. Include paranormal events that can be substantiated by credible witnesses. Do you believe in the paranormal?  There are a LOT of people who do.  THIS might be the market you want to serve.

If nothing paranormal pops up, what DOES pop up for you?  If it repeatedly pops up, THAT might be your passion.  If a lot of people also passionately believe in it, do your market research and see if it’s a lucrative market. Copywriters serve others.  We show people how to improve their lives by sharing news about various products and services.

Go Find A Lucrative Market, Fan Group or Tribe To Serve!

Understanding this basic concept, go find a lucrative market to serve.  The world is waiting for your service!