Customer loyalty

What is Customer Loyalty? How to Create it!

Customer loyalty is evidence you’ve created lasting relationships with your customers. Customers who have lasting relationships with you…

  • Bring you regular income
  • Trust you, so you don’t have to prove yourself to them every time
  • Feel comfortable about building your relationship together and thus feel happy giving you new paid work assignments
  • And are more likely to pay you on time for services rendered!

How do you create a trustworthy relationship with your customers? By talking with them using their brain’s language. Understanding how to talk your customer’s language is at the heart of neuroscience. When you use neuroscience for marketing, you are using neuromarketing.

The 4 Basic Ways Your Brain Communicates –  By Personal Interests

Your brain contains 4 ways to communicate.  Each of us most likely prefers communicating mainly in one of these ways. However, we use them all to some degree as we engage in conversation. What are the 4 ways we communication:

  1. logically like a computer
  2. audibly
  3. visually
  4. in a feeling way

How do YOU know which communication style your customer is using when you talk? By the words he/she uses.

For example, if somebody talks chiefly like a computer, he/she uses logical words and phrases –

  • That seems logical.
  • Your words make sense to me.
  • That computes!

If your prospect talks predominantly in auditory terms, he/she uses auditory words and phrases –

  • That sounds practical.
  • I hear you.
  • Say that again?

If somebody talks primarily in visual terms , he/she uses visual words and phrases –  

  • I see your point.
  • Love your visionary ideas!
  • I envision a fantastic relationship with you!

Lastly, people who generally talk in a feeling’s way, they use feelings words and phrases –

  • That really touched me.
  • I feel your compassion.
  • I feel so happy I do business with you!

How To Talk In Customer Loyalty Attracting Ways

By listening to the communication mode your prospect uses, use that mode to convey your genuine interest in empathetically caring about them.  Clear communication is at the heart of building lasting customer loyalty. With each prospect or customer, listen for the most common language patterns he or she uses during a conversation.  As you listen and understand think like him or her in the WAY he or she processes the situation.

When hearing about unsolved problems/challenges for your selected market audience make suggestions using their principal language style.  It’s the way that person’s brain functions naturally.

Example – you interpret a situation mainly in mind images but your customer interprets a situation mainly in auditory terms.

Don’t – ” I see what you mean.”

Do – “I hear you! I can suggest something that might sound interesting to you.”

By speaking in the other person’s predominant way of interpreting their situation, you are establishing empathy and personal connection.  This builds customer trust for you.  That other person considers you a trustworthy business resource.  Since people only buy from those they trust, imagine how this can improve your business relationships!

The world is already looking for your service! Let yourself be found by marketing in this very effective way.

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