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Content Marketing Made Simple – How Do I Do That?

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Content marketing not engaging?  Feeling invisible to those you love serving? Don’t know how to turn things around?  It’s simple really. You aren’t giving your market what they are already interested in reading or viewing.

Topic Research BEFORE Writing

Too often content marketing fails because you publish what you THINK your audience wants to know or discuss. If you mainly write what you THINK your market wants to read or see, most likely, you are not giving your market what they want. This is where neuromarketing can be very useful.  When writing according to people’s natural neuroscientific preferences, you deeply connect with them.

Using basic neuromarketing principles for your content marketing, think about your market audience avatar. What does the traditional type of customer like regarding your products and services?  What ignites and fascinates about your products and services.  If you don’t know what makes you and your offers unique, different, interesting, fascinating and intriguing, it’s time to do topic market research.

Mommy & Daddy, I Want to Be a Box Turtle Trainer

Suppose your five-year-old-son told you he wanted to be a box turtle trainer when he grew up.  Would you indulge him and start getting him lessons on how to train box turtles?  Probably not. Aside from keeping box turtles as pets being illegal in most US states, what kind of a living could he make as a box turtle trainer?

But your customers are not inexperienced children.  They are intelligent, fascinating, interesting people wanting to contribute to the business world. When you share information that helps make their job easier, you build a reputation for being a valuable resource.

Benefits to Market Research Prior to Doing Content Marketing

Doing content marketing topic research before writing & publishing content shows you understand what really matters to your fans.  Researching before writing content is smart marketing. Knowing what your readers and views want, and giving it to them, saves you money, reduces frustration, decreases wasting your time and gives you greater career enjoyment. Does any of this interest you?

Give Transformative Content

People are stuck.  They want to feel free.  Writing transformative content frees them to feel like their authentic self.

Doing research first before writing and publishing content on how to keep them moving forward reveals your valuable expertise. Want to build a reputation for being a mover for your market? If so, you are also building a know, like and trust business relationship. Here’s an example of having topic research done first before publishing:

Suppose you sell financial advice services.  Current FB (March 2021) financial topic research reveals that THOUSANDS of people are already reading personal finance tips that help them change the way they think about money. Other popular FB research shows that young adults also want tips on how to save and invest for their future. If your content marketing strategy includes transformative financial advice, people will read your content and view your videos.  That is what the market wants.  So, if you give your market audience what they want, they will see you as a trusted resource.

Here’s another example. Suppose you sell fitness training. Right now, according to Pinterest, Facebook and other social media platforms, people in the THOUSANDS want free, full length fitness videos. If YOU provide free, full length fitness videos, you are doing smart content marketing.

I’ll share a third example with you. Let’s say you provide relationship advice. According to Keywords Everywhere Trend Data, relationship advice is trending up. People want to know what makes for a happy relationship.  Over 115 THOUSAND readers and viewers are reading what happily married couples reveal keeps their relationships happy.

If you are struggling to be effective with your content marketing, you can turn things around. Give them content they really want by researching and talking about what THEY are talking about. If you need someone who loved doing content marketing topic research, contact me today for a free quote.  I LOVE helping you succeed in your business. Email me at [email protected].