How to Get Your First Customers

How to Get Your First Customers

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You are a fascinating business owner. In your head, you imagine connecting with lots of people who need your one-of-a-kind solution to their issue.  The image in your mind of the happy hoards clamoring for your product feels so real.  You know how to get your first customers.  At least in your head.

But the sales numbers don’t match what’s in your head.  Why?  Most likely, the WAY you are presenting your solution doesn’t seem relevant to ideal end users. Like many small business clients, you may be marketing to yourself without knowing it.

How to Get Your First Customers – Market to THEM not You

The most common mistake I see my clients/students make when it comes to their website copy is viewpoint.  Whether you are new or established in business, prospects/customers want content relevant to THEIR burning questions.  That means they are only interested in THEIR viewpoint.

Thrill the Mind of Your Ideal Prospect

Relevant content ignites a prospect’s imagination. When prospects or customers come to a website, they are single-minded focused about living a specific dream, solving a certain problem or achieving one definite goal. In your marketing materials, when you speak to that single-minded topic focus, you deeply connect with your target audience. This thrills the reader’s mind.

Repeatedly thrilling a reader’s mind of possibilities to getting what he/she wants leads to fascination about getting more information from you. When they want more from you, you set in motion a momentum that can lead to a beautiful relationship between the two of you.

Answer One Burning Question

In your website content, ONLY focus your message where THEIR mind is focused.  For example, suppose you make and sell a proprietary, natural treatment for a dog’s mange.

The copy on your website would talk about the mange and how to safely eliminate it from the dog’s skin.  That’s what interests the dog owner, your potential customer.  Example website copy:

Does your dog have mange?  (This first question is ULTRA-specific to what your site visitor wants and answer to. It ATTRACTS the attention of your ideal prospect if you sell products for a dog’s mange. Then, you give research information about mange showing why your product is superior to several others. Proof sells!)

Here are some natural remedies and a product review of (these products) for mange. (Then, the next thing you talk about is a comparison of products for mange so your site visitor can make an informed decision about which product sounds right for his/her dog.)

If you are open to this simple process and use it, you will easily discover how to get your first customers and a loyal following.  Talk about what THEY want to talk about.  That is how you really connect with people interested in the topic.

Here’s a challenge.  Look at your website.  Does it answer one burning question in your market audience’s mind?  Don’t know?  Write to me at [email protected] for a FREE website copy review ($150 value!)