Don’t you just LOVE working with customers?  I get all excited inside helping them find answers so they can live their dreams.  As a NeuroMarketing Trainer, I partner with you so together we can get you better marketing results. By working together, I reveal to you language patterns that attract customers.

Stress Relief Coach and Professional Copywriter

For over 30 years, I’ve provided copywriting services for my clients. Before I focused primarily on content marketing, I became certified in hypnosis using it as a stress relief coach.

Focusing on providing stress relief, I worked with people experiencing TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), fears, phobias and other stress-causing situations.  Working with the stressed lead me to get training in brain dialog research and brain chemistry research (neuroscience). I’ve discovered how to turn my stress relief coach experience into becoming a NeuroMarketing Trainer.

NeuroMarketing Trainer – Better Marketing Results

As a NeuroMarketing Trainer, I show you how to avoid common marketing mistakes. Some mistakes may result in you being virtually invisible to your market:

  • You don’t have a predictable, repeatable, reliable strategy to connect with your market
  • Your marketing message confuses instead of clarifies what you do and how you can improve your market audience’s life quality
  • You have no real direction or strategy for your marketing
  • You don’t talk about hot topics that really interest your target market in your content
  • You don’t have the right kind of buying traffic going to your website

Solution For Better Marketing?

Understanding how your market audience thinks and marketing the way they think gets you better marketing results.  As a NeuroMarketing Trainer, that’s what I’d love to do for you.

In addition to being a NeuroMarketing Trainer and copywriter, I am a USAF veteran.  I was a sergeant and the sergeants get the job done.

My clients tell me I’m pretty good at telling their stories.

So, what’s your story?  Whatever it is, I can help you tell it so your target market connects with you.

But don’t take my word for it.  Here is what one of my copywriting students has to say about our working together:

Susan Fox thank you for putting yourself out there to help us. You are always here giving great advice to us free of charge.

I remember the first time I commented on a FB post you made. I was so confused and worried about this new journey I am on. But you commented back and gave me so much encouragement. You told me not to give up and you literally told me what steps I needed to take as a newbie to the copywriting craft.

I was and still am so very grateful for the time you took to respond to my plea for help. Of course, I didn’t want to come across as someone who was completely ignorant after having taken the AWAI crash course. And maybe I wasn’t, but I definitely needed help and support from someone who knew the trade.

You saw the need right away, and offered to help me if I would let you. I jumped on that offer like a kid on a trampoline. And I haven’t looked back since. I look forward to our weekly meetings because you teach me something new every time.

For any other newbies out there who may find themselves needing help from a seasoned copywriter, please give Susan a try. Especially if she has given you free, HELPFUL advice on FB. As I said earlier, we meet every single week on days and at times that are most convenient for me. She is willing to work around my schedule, which I think is awesome. I brought that back up again because I have to share with you the fact that I am not currently employed. But I am able to pay for her services. Which should tell you that her charges are financially-challenged friendly. I was honestly surprised to see how much she charges in comparison to other gurus and seasoned copywriters.

Everything about Susan’s coaching and mentoring is for people who are just starting out, from the help given to the price she charges. She gets that most of us starting out are not the most wealthy nor the most knowledgeable. She works with us where we are. And I am forever thankful for that. Thank you a million times Susan Fox!!

Lashana Flood

Freelance Copywriter

I look forward to working with you soon.  If you don’t have a website, I can help you with that, graphic arts, social media and email campaigns, too. I am connected with a marketing services company that does everything online marketing. Call 24/7 and leave a message for me in the US or Canada (740) 531-0400 or drop me an email at [email protected]