If you believe in literacy, you are someone who wants to know things to improve your life. Or, you want to teach someone else how to become literate in a topic.

How do we define literacy today? In the olden days, literacy referred to the ability to read and write. Today, we know literacy to be knowledgeable and competent in a specific topic area.

As a writer, I am especially interested in promoting literacy. So, this page will contain information on different types of literacy.

I believe that the world has largely become illiterate in how to love and respect one another. We see unprecedented violence, poverty, hate, abuse in unbelievably high numbers. It is my vision to promote literacy of every kind. I am using this page to promote literacy, especially love literacy.

What is Love Literacy?

When you love someone, you respect them and want only the best for them. This means you reach out and serve a certain community with love. We are looking to add value to their lives. Adding value to someone’s life can be done in many ways. For a copywriter, it means telling the world about helpful products and services.

One way I am promoting love literacy is to help non-profit organizations raise awareness to their target markets. By working with non-profit organizations as well as for profit business organizations, we work to add value. Or, the personalized word search puzzle is a unique gift for friends, family members, business colleagues. The personalized word search puzzle contains variations about a person’s name.  See the sample word search puzzle for Thomas.

Projects based and created in love raise the planet’s vibration. How am I contributing to and promoting love literacy? I am helping businesses connect with people in their marketplace. How am I doing this? I am creating very popular word puzzles to use for customer amusement, attraction, education, engagement, fun, information and customer retention. When businesses sell products and services, they are serving a market. By creating a unique word puzzle for a specific market, a part of the fee I charge goes toward a worthy cause.

For example, my husband and I are both military vets. I am currently involved in a fundraiser for homeless military veteran housing. My goal is to raise $2500 for the laundry room in the facility especially being built for female homeless vets. With the support of local and/or global businesses, I am able to fulfill my dream of helping homeless veterans get back on their feet again.

Please watch this page for further developments for Valor Home here in Lorain County, Ohio. If you’d like more information on how you can provide your support to get homeless military veterans back on their feet again, please email me at [email protected].

Thank you for your support.






Shedding Light on America's Homeless Veterans
Brought to you by USC’s Masters in Military Social Work Program and Social Work License Map