Do you feel passionate about a cause, mission or sharing a solution to someone’s struggles? If so, your important message needs to be heard!  But what if your marketing results need improvement? You might need neuromarketing training services.

The brain thinks using 4 unique viewpoints. Using these unique ways of seeing their world, customers want to read, see or hear about your solution to their problem using their personal way of thinking.  That may seem like a unique way of connecting with your customers but it makes a lot of sense. They simply want you to talk to them the same way they talk to themselves in their own head. Can you really do that? Yes you can when you understand neuroscience or neuromarketing.

Customer Experience

People come to you to feel relief from their challenges or get your expertise so they can achieve their goals. They need you FEEL your empathy for them to trust you. But if you don’t know how to talk to them in the way they naturally interpret their world, they won’t see you as a valuable resource.

If you can’t market the way they think in their own head, you also aren’t developing the necessary trust that creates lasting business relationships. Enter neuromarketing.

A New Approach To Connecting With Customers

Neuromarketing is the new way to brand yourself as a business. So, if your website content, social media posts, videos, lead magnets, etc., (i.e. marketing materials) talk all about what you do, you are NOT giving your prospects and customers a satisfying buying experience.

I specialize in training women small business owners in lead generation and client attraction.  If you want better results from your marketing and networking efforts, let’s chat. Email me today for a FREE 20-minute consultation so we can get started working together.  I’m excited to get to know all about you.  Please call me for training rates in the US and Canada at (740) 531-0400 or email me at [email protected].



Uncompensated Testimonials about Susan Fox’s work…

“Susan helped me improve the language on my website.  She insisted that I define a “niche” specialty.  She inspired me to get moving in my business.  Without her respectful “pushing” I think I might have sat around longer without putting into action my expressed goal of getting into the community and starting to give talks and workshops.

And I believe the improved language on my website has contributed to having a better response:  more clients.  I definitely recommend her and her copywriting services to anyone wanting to get more clients.

Don Pelles


“Susan’s copywriting assisted me to grow my article marketing business tremendously.  She’s very intelligent and an excellent writer.  She learned the nuances of my business so that she could write excellent articles and to adhere to my business goals and writing style. 

Her professionalism is first-rate and her turn around time outstanding.  She’s very knowledgeable about many things in life and draws from this knowledge to do a superb job of writing.  Her in-depth understanding of how people think, including her extensive brain dialog knowledge and how it relates to marketing has assister her in writing exceptional marketing copy.  For example, she created a sales page for me and I needed to edit only one word on it.

Susan’s written numerous articles in 3 different niches for me which has done an excellent job of sending traffic to the respective web pages.”

Beverly Taylor

[email protected]


“Susan has been a great addition to my article writing team over the last 6-8 months, consistently finishing article writing projects on time and up to my high standards.”

Sean Mize


I continue to be amazed by the positive influence Susan brings to everything she does. Working with Susan brings great rewards… she can lift facts into a moving connection with people, and she brings life and the feeling of your value into the way she’s able to express your information.

Susan’s marketing knowledge really gets the energy of ideas into the words and actions which get you real results.  If you haven’t done what you know you ‘should’ do… Susan is the perfect person to walk you through all the levels of getting things accomplished.  Or, she’ll brainstorm with you… then do the work for you!   

If you work with Susan, you’ll be glad you did!

Janice Smylie, CCHt, NLP, TFT, EFT,
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,
EFT Expert Trainer and Practitioner
403 710 4443


Susan is an American, native English speaking online marketing and copywriting expert.  I hired Susan to create some advertising copy and some website content copy. We talked things over about the projects I wanted to complete. One of the things I liked best about working with Sue is that she really listened to what I needed. She also created some graphic art memes for me.  Susan professionally and successfully completed the project with a very quick turn around and at an affordable price.  I really enjoyed working with her. I recommend Susan to anyone needing her expertise with online marketing help and or content writing.

Zoilita Grant

Vice President ACHE