Do you like to write non fiction? In your heart, do you LOVE helping people solve their problems and enjoy life? If so, copywriting can be a lucrative career for you. I am a working copywriter and non fiction writing coach.  I help copywriters find direction in their writing career. In our sessions, you discover how to connect with those who hire talented writers such as yourself.

A Non Fiction Writing Coach Helps You Get Career Direction

Do you have a friend who likes to complain?  I mean this person does have socially redeeming qualities in addition to masterfully complaining, but they frequently seem to focus on what’s wrong in life. They stay stuck only focusing on perceiving the flaws in the world. This mindset does not get them anywhere. They are so overwhelmed with details of what’s not right in their opinion they can’t achieve goals easily. Have you been complaining that you need help to launch your copywriting career but don’t know where to look? You’ve found my website not by coincidence but because Fate sent you here! (LOL)

Know that each of us complains at some time in life. When we complain, we actually use a part of the brain that makes it possible for us to critically analyze events happening to us. Without that brain part, we’d just be robots. It is with this brain part and your brain’s other 3 quadrants that help copywriters write engaging, persuasive, interesting copy that shows people how to live a quality life.

What Makes Me Different From Other Non Fiction Writing Coaches?

In addition to being a writing coach, I am also a brain dialog researcher. I used to be a stress management coach working with thousands of women stuck in stress. I’ve used my understanding of brain dialog and brain chemistry to help others focus and get meaningful direction in their lives. Now, I’m focusing on providing this coaching for copywriters.

Please Note: I do NOT teach copywriting. I recommend you go to and take their Accelerated Program For Six-Figure Copywriting course. After you have trained yourself in the copywriting basics, I help you put the next steps into place. These next steps show you how to get direction and prepare yourself to start getting copywriting projects.

If you’ve completed any copywriting training and need to know how to use these skills to start making money, you might need a non fiction writing coach. Here’s a blog post I wrote about how to make money with your writing. If you are a copywriter who wants to make more money as your coach I share secrets, strategies and tips about:

  • how to know which markets want copy written
  • which markets are viable
  • how to write what you passionately love to write
  • how to write SEO web content and…
  • how to pitch to businesses wanting your services.

Interested in getting a non fiction writing coach and working copywriter who’s been writing copy for 30+ years? Let’s chat … or email … or FB message today!

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