Writing Coach Services

Writing Coach Services

Dreams and aspirations…we all have them.  Do you passionately love to write? Me, too! I’ve been writing since I was a kid.  Gee! Am I really an adult yet?  LOL If you are struggling with your writing or just starting out, that would be the reason to hire writing coach services.

Something like 95% of Americans want to write a book. To date, I’ve written 50 books for private trades. I’ve self-published those books and sold many copies. But what about you? If you want to write a book, you first must know how to market. That’s why understanding copywriting helps you sell your book.

Or, if you are a beginning copywriter, you may feel a little lost putting everything together. That’s where I can help you.

Writing Coach Services Provides Keys To Copywriting Secrets!

Want an easy yet simple system to …

  • Avoid making time-wasting copywriting mistakes that delay getting you writing projects?
  • Avoid writing for low paying/unsustainable markets?
  • That shows you how to find sustainable, high paying markets
  • Uncover how to identify B2B markets who need your writing right now and into the future?
  • Discover how to write SEO website copy?
  • Reveal who your ideal prospects are so you can serve them with your copywriting?
  • Unveil how to get into the mind of your ideal prospects?
  • Understand how to pitch your services to ideal clients?
  • Build confidence as you use your priceless copywriting skills and talents to benefit the world?

I love partnering with my students. Together we have fun while learning how and practicing skills to write copy you love and love what you write … and get PAID for it! So, if you are interested in teaming up with me, I’m interested in teaming up with you. Together, we can see to it you get to live your dream of being the most appreciated and sought after copywriting around!

PS – Understand that as your coach, you get over 30 years experience of a working copywriter. That means you get to avoid making typical mistakes as you develop your art and talent as a copywriter. Additionally, I provide training available only from me showing you how to pitch your work, building your confidence, encouraging you all along the way until you see how capable you really are as a talented writer.

Sound good to you?  Contact me and let’s get started! Email me at [email protected] today!