Your Creative Brain

Your Creative Brain

You use your creative brain to process information.  Did you know that the human brain talks to itself and all your body systems 24/7?

Here’s something else.  Your brain contains the equivalent of 4 basic ways of knowing.  We use these 4 basic viewpoints or intentions to make life decisions.

When it comes to marketing content, using NeuroMarketing connects with your market on a deep level.  NeuroMarketing uses neuroscience.  This unique training opens up an entirely different word and results for your marketing.

Want to give improved customer experiences to your market members? Discover how to think the way they do. Thinking their way reveals how to really understand them. When customers feel understand, you create lasting relationships with them.

Why Does NeuroMarketing Work Well?

Brain research reveals that the human brain thinks about 90% the same in both genders.  However, that 10% difference between the way a man thinks and the way a woman thinks calls for gender-specific marketing.  Brain chemicals and certain thinking function programs drive the way each gender feels interested in life. Neuromarketing provides a better customer experience because you show empathy the way your male or female market cares about their interests and issues.

For example, a man’s creative brain drives him to naturally like habits and activities that replenish testosterone.  Testosterone has a chemical nature prompting men to like doing things where he feels strong and confident.  Testosterone is all about achievement, drive, making a difference in the world.  When his testosterone levels are sufficient he feels good.

Marketing messages for men must be written from her viewpoint.  That often means from the voice and viewpoints of the bonding hormone called oxytocin. Most people don’t know how to do NeuroMarketing. However, as a NeuroMarketing Trainer and Coach, I’m here to show you a new way to build lasting business relationships with your market.

Women are designed to want to bond with others.  When she feels genuine caring, trust, love and bonding, it naturally replenishes her oxytocin.  Therefore, web content containing oxytocin driving marketing messages deeply connect with women.  Men and women who can innately relate to your marketing message want to develop a business relationship with you.

Does your current copywriter have this unique training about the brain?  Find out by asking him or her.  Most likely the answer will be that this type of training was never offered to him or her.

Your Creative Brain Inspires and Motivates

We cannot live without our brain and mind’s viewpoints.  Marketing materials containing keywords that work with the way the brain works uniquely connects with your clients in ways other copy does not.  This is where you can get better marketing results when you start using neuromarketing principles.

Since the brain’s viewpoints are a part of everyone’s life, doesn’t it make sense to marketing according to the way the brain and mind work?  The business relationships you develop will change when your website starts to convey your marketing message in this very unique way.

Please contact me and let’s start working together. You can reach me at [email protected] Or, in the US and Canada leave me a message 24/7 at (740) 531-0400. I look forward to hearing from you soon.