The Coma Whisperer – Hope for those with learning disabilities



Does Your Comatose or Vegetative State Loved One Have Learning Disabilities?

You’re looking to feel hopeful. Hopefulness brings peace especially if you’re thinking all the time about how to make things better for your loved one with learning disabilities. If this sounds like what’s on your mind, you will love this story.

The Coma Whisperer, an edge-of-your-seat story about eight-year-old Jonathan’s drowning and then paramedic revival. After about 5 weeks of being in Children’s Hospital, no one could reach Jonathan. Desperation led to despair in his family caregivers, Jonathan’s grandparents.  They agreed to using professionally trained hypnotist Susan Fox’s skills.  Based on actual events, within 48 hours of using hypnosis, this young drowning victim could once again convey needs to caregivers. Believable proof guided imagery and positive suggestion can change your life.

Spiritual! Real! Believable! A must have book for those working with learning disabilities due to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury.)

Brain research shows that most people in coma can hear what you are saying.  The Coma Whisperer tells the story of how you can help those with learning disabilities after TBI to improve communication. As a result of improved communication, everyone feels more hopeful for a brighter future.

The Coma Whisperer Gives You Hope

Moving and inspiring, this account gives the process of how to connect.  Imagine the thrill of connecting with someone in a consciously-challenged state. The Coma Whisperer gives you a glimpse into the power of relaxing words to restore peace into one’s life.

Feel hopeful about what’s possible. Clear communication is a key to your genuine happiness.

Overwhelmingly positive in nature, the extraordinary story of The Coma Whisperer gives you a  feeling of hope.  Here spirituality emerges through a mix of science and actual life experience.

Find uplifting connections and awaken the spirit within while exploring life’s possibilities. It’s here waiting for you in The Coma Whisperer.

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