Testimonial Letter About Susan Fox’s Abilities


Susan helped me improve the language on my website.  She insisted that I define a “niche” specialty.  She inspired me to get moving in my business.  Without her respectful “pushing” I think I might have sat around longer without putting into action my expressed goal of getting into the community and starting to give talks and workshops.

And I believe the improved language on my website has contributed to having a better response:  more clients.  I definitely recommend her and her copywriting services to anyone wanting to get more clients.

Don Pelles



Susan’s copywriting assisted me to grow my article marketing business tremendously.  She’s very intelligent and an excellent writer.  She learned the nuances of my business so that she could write excellent articles and to adhere to my business goals and writing style.

Her professionalism is first-rate and her turn around time outstanding.  She’s very knowledgeable about many things in life and draws from this knowledge to do a superb job of writing.  Her in-depth understanding of how people think, including her extensive brain dialog knowledge and how it relates to marketing has assister her in writing exceptional marketing copy.  For example, she created a sales page for me and I needed to edit only one word on it.

Susan’s written numerous articles in 3 different niches for me which has done an excellent job of sending traffic to the respective web pages.

Beverly Taylor

[email protected]


Susan has been a great addition to my article writing team over the last 6-8 months, consistently finishing article writing projects on time and up to my high standards.

Sean Mize



Dear Susan,

Thanks to the incredible input of your genius market research insights, my business is now getting ready to fly.  Already many more people have been drawn to my re-designed website.  You changed something I thought of as complex and overwhelming into something simple and easy for me, a NON-marketing person, to do.  I would never have gotten these wonderful results without you.  Thank you so much!

Janice Smylie, Ph.D.



Sue Gets Her Students Involved With Experiential Techniques


September 7, 2003

To Whom it may concern,

I have attended several of Susan Fox’s workshops/ trainings and presentations. Sue is very knowledgeable and professional in your presentations. She uses humor to help everyone get comfortable and explains whatever she is teaching in an easy to comprehend way. She gets her students involved with experiential techniques to assist in the learning process.

I highly recommend her workshops and lectures. In the ones I have attended, it seemed that everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning with Sue and thought that it was time well spent.


Terry S. Ash

As a Speaker You Motivated Me


Women into Nurturing and Growing Spirit

10 Bruning Road

East Brunswick, NJ 08816

September 5, 2003

Dear Mrs. Fox,

I felt compelled to write to thank you for your truly exceptional presentation at the National Guild of Hypnotists convention. Your well organized, informative and exciting workshop elicited so many positive comments.

As you know, your audience was made up of professional hypnotherapists, counselors, clergy, massage therapists, healers, and lay people. The feedback from all the groups was tremendous. Some of the statements I heard were: “I really was amazed to see how effective hypnosis can be on self esteem and problem solving abilities.” “The demonstration made me realize that this tool can be a very effective strategy.” “The speaker really motivated me to listen and take notice what she was saying and doing.” “I loved the way she used her hands to demonstrate.” “I’m glad the speaker did a group imagery… This way I learned and received an extra benefit to her presentation.”

The National Guild of Hypnotist’s reputation is one of quality. Your presentation could only be improved by your agreeing to return to provide a series of seminars and workshops to continue our education in this wonderful field. You are a truly gifted orator.

Please send me a list of all your topics so my organization can benefit from booking you as our keynote speaker at our next major event.


Dr. Debra J. Taubenslaug

Director, Institute for WINGS